Green heart of Italy

Umbria has always been considered the “green heart of Italy”, being a region rich in landscapes and nature, both cultivated and untouched. Eight magnificent parks are in our region. A journey, in eight chapters, the greenery in ancient traditions, in … Read More

Main events in Perugia

A great city, three major festivals: Umbria Jazz, Eurochocolate and the International Journalism Festival. Umbria Jazz (abbreviated UJ) is the most important Italian jazz music festival. Born in 1973, it takes place annually in Perugia, in July. Each year there … Read More

Made in Umbria

Umbria and Perugia are synonymous with local produce. Come and immerse yourself in a tour of gluttony, haute cuisine, local products that make full character of our land. Umbria is full of fresh pastries, bakery products such as dots and … Read More

Art in Umbria

“Umbria is the richest region of art”. Vittorio Sgarbi, known Italian art critic, gave a short lesson on the importance of the artistic treasures of the area: “It’s where he gave his highest business Giotto. So Italian art from here. … Read More


Land of mysticism and peace

St. Francis, St. Clare, Santa Rita, San Benedetto: the great saints of the Christian religion, all originating in Umbria. You will understand more of their message, learn more about their lives, with streets marked by imprints of their feet, crossing … Read More