“Umbria is the richest region of art”. Vittorio Sgarbi, known Italian art critic, gave a short lesson on the importance of the artistic treasures of the area: “It’s where he gave his highest business Giotto. So Italian art from here.
” And remember the other great masters who have produced in Umbria their most masterpieces: “The presence of the Perugino, Signorelli, are evidence of the highest expressions of Italian art. So from every point of view, the Umbria is the region of the art.
” The most famous popularizer of art of the peninsula explains: “This is the place where art is linked to faith. We have a history that is the history of Christian art.
And Christianity, through Francis, has in Umbria its highest representation”.
Make sure to come and visit the National Gallery of Umbria, the National Archaeological Museum, Palazzo della Penna, the Hypogeum of volumes and more. Umbria, the region of the art!

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